We’ve founded global organisations, grown startups, planted 10 million trees, completed IPOs, rebuilt Iraq, and invented technology that has changed our world for the better.

As advocates of peer mentoring, some of our team provide one-on-one voluntary advice to startup entrepreneurs on all aspects of running a business. We do this through “office hours” : 15 – 30 minute slots for a total of 1-2 hours a week.

Alan Clayton

Roaming Mentor, SOSV

Alex Kopelyan

Partner & Program Director, IndieBio

Anant Raj Pathak

Analyst, HAX

Andrew Ive

Partner and Managing Director, Food-X

Anthony Marino

Analyst, HAX

Arvind Gupta

Managing Director, IndieBio

Audrey Chen

Office of the Managing Director & Investor Relations, SOSV

Barthiban Mahendran

Program Assistant, Chinaccelerator

Benjamin Joffe

Partner, HAX

Bill Liao

General Partner & Managing Director, RebelBio

Brad Higgins

Venture Partner, SOSV

Brian Murphy

Financial Controller, SOSV

Brooks Rao

Analyst, Chinaccelerator

Bunnie Huang

Contractor, HAX

Caitriona Kelleher

Analyst, RebelBio

Carmen Huang

Office Manager, HAX

Ching-Ping Lin

Director of Platform Services, MOX

Chris Zhang

Program Manager, Chinaccelerator

Cyril Ebersweiler

General Partner, SOSV & Managing Director, HAX

Daniel Eichner

Head of Capital Development, SOSV